What’s Ashley Reading?: Middle of the Night

Middle of the Night by Riley Sager

First line: Morning sunlight seeps into the tent like a water leak, dripping onto the boy in a muted glow.

Summary: Ethan Marsh has spent the last thirty years wondering what happened to his best friend. One summer night while the boys were camping in Ethan’s backyard his best friend Billy disappeared without a trace. He has been plagued with an ongoing nightmare about that night but no memories of what happened to Billy. However, upon moving back to his childhood home it appears that someone or something is trying to get Ethan to remember that long ago night. As Ethan digs deeper into his past he finds secrets that were buried years ago by those around him who he trusted most.

My Thoughts: Well this was a surprise! The main character is a man. Never has Sager written a male main character. But even with this diversion from his norm the book did not disappoint. With every new chapter there were more twists added to the plot. No one was safe from suspicion in the disappearance of Billy.

Sporadically throughout the story we get pieces of different characters and their remembrances of the day everything changed in this idyllic neighborhood. Even when you think you have it figured out then another theory is brought forward. This may be a difficult one for any reader to deduce before the end.

Similar to Sager’s previous novel, The Only One Left, there is a big old house with mysterious characters residing there. Little is known about what happens at the institute. It is the perfect backdrop for this otherwise perfect little community.

As I finished this book I may have given myself a headache from the tension of the story. I found it very hard to put this book down. It is easy to say just one more chapter while reading any of Sager’s books but this one in particular. Each chapter will give the reader just a little bit more about what really happened thirty years before.

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