The Lineup: Parker

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Parker’s Lineup

Book: Last night a DJ saved my life: The history of the disc jockey by Bill Brewster

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey: Brewster,  Bill: 8601417208380: Books

As a member of the MTV generation, I love music, especially techno, electronica, and house music, and this book dives deep into range of music scenes, from Chicago house music to Balearic beats and much more. You’ll find narratives about the top DJs, including Frankie Knuckles and Jose Padilla, and learn about their backgrounds and their approaches to mixing.

Available to check out here.

Music: Luxury

Luxury is one of my all-time favorite albums from one of my all-time favorite DJs, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and it’s been on repeat in my iTunes for weeks. Like many Shibuya-kei albums, it’s a mix of electronica, syncopated samba and bossa nova rhythms, and kitschy ‘60s sounds, especially from French pop music.

Luxury — Fantastic Plastic Machine |

My favorite singles are “Honolulu, Calcutta” and “Bossa for Jackie,” but I love every track.

Available to stream here or here.

Book: Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood

Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher Mysteries, 1): Greenwood, Kerry:  9781590583852: Books

Phryne Fisher, a former street-urchin who, thanks to a large inheritance and experience as a nurse in the Great War, has transformed into a most glamorous private detective. After showing quick-wit in capturing in jewel thief, Miss Fisher is hired by a colonel to investigate the suspected poisoning of his daughter, Lydia. She throws caution to the wind and sets sail for Melbourne, but her hometown has become dangerous in her absence. Between the main suspect, Lydia’s husband, turning up dead, and an illegal abortion market, it’s anyone’s guess whether she’ll track down the culprit or get eliminated. Having enjoyed Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I knew I’d like the novels. This first one is definitely superior to the show, fast-paced and complex. I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries.

Available to check out here.

Visit: Tacos from Roadrunner Mexican Fast Food in Wichita

I find myself gravitating toward Roadrunner when I don’t want to cook, which, to be honest, has been more often lately. It’s also reasonably close to my house. They have all sorts of good food, but I love their simple beef tacos best. You should check it out when you’re in the area.

Visit their website for location and more information.

Shifting Party!

What happens after hours at the library? Shifting parties of course!

Several of our staff worked after hours on two Saturdays to move the entire adult fiction section. There were 124 new shelves added to this area of the library and the books needed to be spread out. The project took 8 hours with 6 staff members, food and LOTS of 80s music! We felt like we were living in the Breakfast Club.

We all had a great time but were exhausted afterwards. Take a look at more photos and a video on our Facebook page from our shifting party!