Mom and Me Reviews: Stand Up! Speak Up!

First Line: “Wake Up.”

Summary: A girl is inspired to make change. She is part of a protest for the climate change revolution. She sees stories on the news: the protest, wildfires, pollution, floods. She is discouraged, but she finds a way to do something about it.


                Maggie: 10 out of 10

                Conor: Did not participate in this storytime

                Mama Lala: 9 out of 10

Their Thoughts: “It made me know (and feel bad) about what we’ve done to the planet. I dont know how to fix it. It’ teaches us how we can fix it. I like that the pictures are mostly black and white, with a little green. Like “green”, get it!?”

My Thoughts: My daughter is moved by the conservation movement. My husband and I try to do what we can and, most of all, try to remain educated on the issue of climate change. I’m sure this affects her passion for the issue. I like that this book can show children that the issue isn’t too big for them. Everyone can make (at least) a small difference– even small people. The content is complex enough for older children, but the phrasing is right for the preschool aged children as well.

FYI: This book discusses climate change and protesting.

Happy Reading our friends,

Mama Lala, Maggie, & Conor