Book Review: The Other Einstein

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

First Line: The end is near.

Summary: We all know who Albert Einstein is.  But do you know the other Einstein?  Mileva Maric is a young Serbian woman with a lame leg and a mind for math and science.  She always expected to live a life alone in the pursuit of a degree and job in physics.  While attending the university in Zurich she meets a young man, Albert Einstein, and her plans for her life change.

Highlights: I had never heard of Mileva Maric until I read a YA novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  She sounds like a fascinating woman that has been forgotten by history.  Married to one of the greatest minds in history and working alongside him there is great controversy about if she was a contributor to the theories and breakthroughs of her husband.  I like that the author has fleshed out and brought this woman to life.  I understood her plight with herself about giving up her dream to marry.  As a reader I could feel her pain and struggle as I read.

Lowlights: Unfortunately when reading historical fiction and learning about a person there are elaborations or stretches.  But there are also truths.  It is always hard to see a well-known figure made human and see the faults that lie within them.  Benedict presents Albert’s faults and it tarnishes him a little.

FYI: Very informative about the early life of Albert Einstein.

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