Overheard in the Library

Over the years, we’ve had conversations and interactions with patrons that, let’s just say are interesting. We’ve also overheard things that make us laugh out loud as well. So we thought we’d share some of those ‘interesting’ interactions with you guys.

-While helping a patron in the computer lab, he wanted to save his documents to a ‘slash drive.’

-A patron called in to see when his items were due back. He was afraid they were due today…nope, you just checked them out today.

-A little boy is in the computer lab playing a game. He brought a ziplock bag with a slice of pizza, and a snack cake for his lunch.

“Is your refrigerator running?” “Why, yes, yes it is.”

-The library was pranked by some kids. They asked me, while giggling uncontrollably, if our refrigerator was running, and then after a brief pause hung up. I didn’t even get to tell them we had two refrigerators running!

-An older patron came in wanting some advice (not a book), on how to get rid of rodents in his garden, After Googling some DIY’s, I told the patron I had a groundhog in my backyard, and he said “You should catch it, they are good eating.”

Hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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