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The library has a variety of resources available for parents. These resources can help parents help their children become better readers, or be better prepared to learn to read. If you have questions about any of the resources listed on this page, please contact the youth services department. 

Library Tools for Parents

We have some great tools at the library that can help parents of school-age children. Parents often ask for book suggestions for their children based on an Accelerated Reader (AR) or Lexile level. These numbers can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for, our youth services librarians have worked hard to help parents with this.

These levels are determined by using special testing by school districts. The numbers and levels are an easy way for young readers to find books they are able to read but that will also help advance their comprehension. Students’ scores take into account the difficulty of the material and the ability to understand the text.

Our Lexile level book in the children’s department has recently been updated by Chelsea, one of our librarians. All the books on the list are titles that we have in our collection. Each of the Lexile levels is broken down into 100-point increments. In addition to the list of titles, Chelsea added the AR level conversions to help patrons find books that fit those categories as well.

Lexile levels can also be searched on our catalog. Many children’s books include this information on their catalog records.

In addition to the Lexile and AR tools in the library, we also have Readers Advisory binders located in the youth services area. These binders have lists of books by Lexile level, genre, recommendations, award titles and more. There is a readers advisory binder for picture books (JE), young readers books (J), and young adult books (YA). These binders are kept at the youth services desk so they are easily accessible.

Online Tools for Parents

There are also some exceptionally useful online tools that parents will find helpful. If you are looking for books with certain Lexile levels, visit, where you will find book lists with their Lexile scores, descriptions, similar books and even vocabulary words. You can also narrow down options to specific topics of interest.

If your child needs to take AR tests, visit This site is a great way to make a list of books that have AR tests available. The site has the levels, the points that can be earned, ratings, grade levels and quiz numbers.  Just remember to print your list (save your titles in the AR Book Bag) before you exit the site.

Sometimes you aren’t looking for information related to AR scores or reading levels, but just want to find out if a book or movie is appropriate for your child. In that case, try It has reviews of books, movies, TV shows and more. There are ratings from kids and parents, and you can also find information such as appropriate age ranges for titles and scores that are based on different elements including violence, language and positive messages.

6 by 6 Ready to Read

Six Skills by Age Six

To learn more about the 6 by 6 program and the skills children need to learn to be prepared to read by age six, please click the button below.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

This program is a wonderful way to help encourage your child's life-long love of reading!  You can register online through the Beanstack app or come into the library for some help.  Either way make sure to come to the Youth Services desk for your free book tote!  Click on the buttom below for all the details about joining this exciting program.