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Discovery Passes are a special way Derby Public Library can help connect your family to the wonderful events and activities available in our community! Once checked out, a Discovery Pass will allow a family of at least four people to get into any of the locations listed below for FREE!

1. Search "Discovery Pass" in the library catalog or click on the matching icon below.

2. Place pass on hold

3. Library alerts you via phone that pass is ready for pickup

4. If using the Tanganyika pass call the Youth Services Desk to make reservations.

5. Pickup pass at the drive-thru and use to visit the location within 7 days

6. Return pass to library and repeat

Due to Covid-19 some services and attractions may not be available. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the location's website or call ahead. Restrictions do apply to these passes and can be changed without notice.


What is a Discovery Pass?

A Discovery Pass is a family membership to a local museum or entertainment location that is available to checkout from the Library. For example, the Sedgwick County Zoo. This pass will allow a family to visit the location for free. Limitations and restrictions do apply so please see the location's website for more information.


What passes are available?

3 passes—Botanica--2 adults and their household children

3 passes--Cosmosphere--Admission for 4(children 3 and under are free)

3 passes--Exploration Place--2 adults and their household children

3 passes—Sedgwick County Zoo--6 people

3 passes—Tanganyika Wildlife Park (includes 5 feeder passes)--5 people/reservations required


How do they work?

*Adult patrons will be able to check them out for one week at a time. They take the pass to the location and use it just like a family membership. Please refer to the individual pass for specific details and restrictions.

*Passes can be put on hold. You can search the catalog by “Discovery Pass” or the name of the facility. 

*Passes must be picked up at and returned to Derby Public Library.

*Only one pass can be checked out on a library card at a time.

*Overdue fines apply. Should a Discovery Pass not be returned on time, the membership ID number will be canceled and a new card issued to the Library.

Sedgwick County Zoo and Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Due to Covid, the wildlife park is requiring reservations. Once alerted that the pass is ready for a patron to checkout, they will need to call the Youth Services department so we can help make reservations.  They will be waiting for pickup at the drive-thru.