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The Derby Arts Council at the Derby Public Library

The goal of the Derby Arts Council is to encourage, promote and foster appreciation, participation and support for the visual arts. The Derby Arts Council will showcase local artists and provide an exhibition gallery for Derby and the surrounding area to enhance the cultural arts experience.

There are two gallery spaces in the library that are managed by the Derby Arts Council: the Gathering Space Gallery and the High Wall Gallery. The Gathering Space Gallery is in the library’s lobby and includes the Community Room. When art is on display in the Community Room, it may not be available for viewing at all times. The High Wall Gallery is inside the library, located in the Business/Genealogy area of the library.

Click the button below to download the Policies and Procedures of the Derby Arts Council, which includes the artist release statement and inventory sheet. 

Now Showing in the Gathering Space Gallery


Festival of Dreams

Artist Skip Kreibach discovered his artistic talent as he neared retirement and enrolled in an oil painting course. This exhibition shows the breadth of Kreibach’s skill in many mediums including oils, pastels, watercolors, acrylics and sketches.

While he loves to paint still life, he also “appreciates the beauty of a good landscape,” he says. Kreibach’s work is often so realistic that the viewer may initially think it’s a photograph, and only on closer inspection realize that it is not.

Kreibach is a member of the Kansas Academy of Oil Painters and the Kansas Art Guild. His work has won awards at Verdegris Valley Art Exhibit, the Kansas State Fair, and the Bartlesville Art Association, among others.

Please join the Derby Arts Council at a reception for Kreibach 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 25 in the Community Room. The artist will be available to discuss his art. Refreshments will be served.



Now Showing in the High Wall Gallery

Up, Up and Away

Experience the thrill of hot-air ballooning as you view the latest photography exhibit at the Derby Public Library. Barney Tull’s vibrant and colorful photographs document a balloon ride from start to finish, not just launch to landing.

The first image shows the balloon as it’s being unloaded from the truck and prepared for filling. The photos continue through the set up and launch process, the flight, and landing, concluding with a portrait of the passengers and the basket after the flight.

Kasey Schwemmer piloted the balloon, and Tull acted as both official chaser and photographer for the flight. Tami English, office manager at the Derby Public Library, and her daughter Kassidy were passengers for the flight.

Schwemmer has both a private pilot certificate and a commercial pilot certificate for hot air balloons. His foray into ballooning began when he was at a Wichita River Festival balloon event and he and his mom had the opportunity to help set up a balloon. At that point he was hooked.

When he was 13, Schwemmer built his first ¼ scale radio-controlled model balloon. By age 19 he had built a 32,000 cubic-foot ultralight balloon that used a reinforced 96-gallon garbage bin as the basket. “It’s pretty cool,” he says of that balloon, “but it doesn’t come out of the bag much anymore.”

Schwemmer and his wife basically grew up together around ballooning. His wife’s father, Steve Black, used to fly the ReMax balloon in Wichita, and ended up being Schwemmer’s flight instructor. Schwemmer has participated in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta for the past seven years.

“I attribute everything good in my life as a result of ballooning,” Schwemmer says. “My wife and family, my job, most of my friends.”

Landing ZoneAbove KansasMoon Pigeon and the Pilot