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Medallion Hunt

Smoke on the Plains
Derby BBQ & Music Fest
Medallion Hunt
June 7 - June 12

The Rules

  1. The medallion will be hidden in a location within Derby city limits.
  2. No clues, nor the hiding place, require entry onto private property.
  3. Anyone who damages, destroys, or trespasses on public or private poperty will be disqualified from the contest. Seekers must obey opening and closing hours for public parks.
  4. A new clue will be published beginning Monday, Jun 7, 2021, and ending with the final clue on Saturday, June 12, 2021, unless the medallion is found before then.
  5. Clues will be published on the Derby Public Library Facebook page each day around 9 a.m.
  6. The seeker who recovers the medallion should bring it to the Derby Public Library, 1600 Walnut Grove, Derby, KS 67037, during normal business hours.
  7. The winning seeker must be 18 or older to claim the prize. Photo ID is required.
  8. The medallion must be returned to the library by 5pm on Saturday, June 12, or the grand prize will be forfeited. The contest ends when the medallion is found.
  9. Employees of the City of Derby and Derby Public Library, and their families are not eligible for the contest.
  10. The grand prize is a gift card to Hog Wild Pit BBQ and a BBQ prize package.


June 7 - Clue #1
Stay safe. Stay legal. Have fun.
Search with the sun.
10 years of BBQ Derby has seen.
Look in the 503 of green.
Explanation: Derby has 503 acres of public parks. It's hidden in one of them!

June 8 - Clue #2
Food and music make us happy.
Food trucks will be there if you feel snacky.
High, not low.
Don't miss the show.
Explanation: A little bit of misdirection in this clue. It's not in High Park, but it's hidden up high.

June 9 - Clue #3
1999, Hubbard had an idea for public art.
Statues of bronze, many found in a park.
New Derby or old?
Seek the 50s so I'm told.
Explanation: The park the medallion is hidden in is located in the area of Derby developed in the 1950s.

June 10 - Clue #4
Some big, some small.
Grills not in all.
Sports fields, disc golf, and fishing,
None of these will leave you wishing.
Explanation: The park the medallion is located in does not have a sports field, disc golf, or fishing pond.

June 11 - Clue #5
Narrow the spot down to a few.
Bird or shape? One of two.
Steak cookoff tonight,
Smoked on the plains just right.
Explanation: This clue narrows it down to two parks. Bird? Crane Park. Shape? Triangle Park.

June 12 - Clue #6
Brisket, ribs, pulled pork too.
Was that last a double clue?
Hexagon shape of wood,
Look up high and you'll be good.
Explanation: The medallion is hidden in the rafters of the hexagon-shaped gazebo in Triangle Park.