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Exam Proctoring

The Derby Public Library provides exam proctoring services at no charge. Debbie is the proctor coordinator and can be reached at 316-788-0760 or via email at Students must submit a Proctor Request Form for each course that needs to be proctored.

Exams must be scheduled at least one week in advance, and you must call to cancel if you are unable to keep your reserved testing time. Exam proctor times must allow enough time for exams to be completed at least 30 minutes before the library closes. No exams will be proctored on Sundays.

Staff schedules are not altered to accommodate proctored exams. The library does not proctor exams “on demand.” The library cannot guarantee that a quiet study room will be provided.

Please bring a current photo ID and provide any needed supplies (pencils, calculator, etc.). If needed, the student will provide an appropriately sized, addressed envelope with required postage to return the exam to the institution. The library cannot proctor exams that require retaining student electronic files locally.

The library is not responsible for any delay in receiving exams, nor for any completed exams once they leave the library’s possession. The library is also not responsible for exams that are interrupted by library emergencies, power failures, computer hardware or software failures. The library reserves the right to substitute a proctor in the event of the original proctor’s absence.

The library reserves the right to deny this service if a proctor is unavailable or if the library feels that proctoring an exam or course interferes with the normal operation of the library.

Please click the button below to fill out a Proctor Request Form.