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Did you know that you are part of The Storytime Team at Derby Public Library? 

As someone who cares for a child, when you and your child participate in a storytime you are a big part of why it's a success.  When you sing the songs later in the car, or use one of the Growing Genius Tips, you are helping your child love reading!  We wanted to help even further by putting together these At Home Storytime Guides for you and your family to enjoy safely at home.  Now, grab that cape because The Storytime Team will succeed in growing a new generation of readers together!

At Home Storytime Guides

These are an exciting new part of your Storytime experience!  Each Storytime contains all the daily recommended values for early literacy but disguised as fun and games.  Think of it like hiding ground flax meal in a batch of muffins.  We know they are healthier but no need to tell the kids! 

Each Guide contains:

1.  Books and songs used in Storytime complete with links for checking the books out

2.  More books and other items(Grow a Reader Packs, Discovery Passes, etc)available for checkout

3.  Tumblebooks--animated books read aloud

4.  Craft and Activities(all will require minimal supplies not provided by the LIbrary)

5.  Links to Storytime and other fabulous resources 

6.  Pick-up a weekly Craft/Activity Kit at the Library drive-thru(these provide all materials needed)                                                                                                

Click on the tree to learn more about the Early Literacy Skills built during Storytime!