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Oct. 4, 2021 - Nov. 2, 2021

For Teens (6th-12th grade) and Adults

Bienvenidos! Welcome to this month-long reading event to celebrate both Hispanic Heritage Month and Dia De Los Muertos! You will be tasked with selecting one of four patrons from Latin Mythology and complete challenges to bring your patron closer to the ofrenda (altar) by the Day of the Dead. Participate in reading challenges, instagram challenges, and trivia called Las Velas. The team whose patron reaches the ofrenda first will be entered to win one of two $50 Los Cocos Gift Cards! The remaining teams will be entered to win either a $25 Target Gift Card or a bag of goodies.

Buena Suerte!

The Patrons of Latin Myth

Four figures from Latin Mythology are represented below. Each of them is trying to reach the ofrenda first. By completing challenges this month, you will move your patron one step closer to the altar.

Which patron will you choose?

Click on each picture to read more about the mythology of that patron!

The Reading Challenge

Each team has 6 reading prompts with the goal of reading 6 books in the month of October. The prompts may determine which patron you would like to join. Below are the prompts for each patron:

Do You Know Which Patron You Are Following?

The Instagram Challenge

Las Velas (Trivia Challenges)


The team whose patron reaches the ofrenda first by completing as many challenges as possible will be entered to win one of two $50 LOS COCOS GIFT CARDS! With your team's victory, you'll have a greater chance of winning this grand prize!

The remaining teams' members will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following:

$25 Target Gift Card

an assorted bag of goodies

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of books can I read for the read-a-thon? Do audiobooks count?

You can read any book that you want! There's no page limit or reading level for the books you choose. You can also read in any format. Audiobooks, e-books, graphic novels, and manga all count.

Do I have to read the six books in the order they are listed?

Nope! You can choose to read your patron's prompts in any order that works best for you, and you can virtually log your finished books one at a time or all at once. Just make sure to stick to the prompts for your patron!

Can I double-up on a prompt?

The goal for this read-a-thon is to read six books in one month so read only one book per prompt. You can do it, and with every book you read, your patron will move one step closer to the ofrenda!

What if the patrons are represented unevenly? How will you ensure the scoring is fair?

Since we have no idea how many will choose each patron, we'll make sure to calculate averages if neccessary so that way each group has a fair shot of winning despite how many members are on that team.

Explain more about Las Velas? What is it and when will it be available? Am I lighting a real candle?

Las Velas will be a series of trivia questions set up through a Google Form that relate to Latin and Hispanic history, literature, culture, and myth. Your patron will move closer just by your participation, and with every correct answer, your patron will move an additional step!

Las Velas are scheduled to open on certain days in the month and will only be availble for 24 hours. To check when they are available, scroll up to the "Las Velas" section of this page.

And no, you aren't lighting a real candle, though you are encoruaged to if you like! Las Velas or the candles are a vital part of celebrating Dia De Los Muertos and honoring Latin and Hispanic culture. By participating in the trivia, you are metaphorically lighting a candle for your patron!

Explain more about the Instagram challenges? What if I don't have an Instagram account?

You can earn points for your team by taking pictures and posting them to your personal Instagram with the hashtag "#diademuertosderby." If you don't use Instagram, you don't have to participate in the Instagram challenges. There are still plenty of other ways to help your patron!

When can I start reading?

You can crack open your first book at 12am on Monday, October 4!

The Ofrenda

On the last day of the Read-a-thon, we will celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with a virtual ofrenda posted to the library's Facebook page. You are invited to share pictures and stories of your loved ones who have passed on in the comments of the post. We are excited to honor your loved ones and celebrate Hispanic and Latin culture this month!


Hispanic Heritage Month Recommendations

Latin and Hispanic Classics

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Alyssa LaRue at